Quillette on Universalism vs Centrism

Quillette has a lovely post up just recently, describing a prototype memetic framework loosely equivalent to the genetic particulate concepts (presumably GATC), which I may use in the future. This post is largely to provide something to link back to, but I encourage anyone interested to peruse their archives. I don’t always agree with them, but that’s half the fun.

I know the title of this blog, and it’s early content, invokes the retrofutristic Modernism of the 1960s, and so far I’ve mostly been ranting about how aggravating pure postmodernism is, but often we can talk about something by discussing its conceptual opponent, and in this case, hopefully I can build up an archive of concepts and loose rants to link back to, if ever I need to trade explanatory subtlety for raving, if hopefully interesting and informative, lunacy. Which as you may have guessed happens rather a lot.


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